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Throwing an Ice Cream Social

Every year, Adam’s parents come to town for 2 weeks, and that always means a BBQ in the backyard. Since we have been working in the studio so much, the yard had become quite over grown! We spent the weekend clearing debris, digging up 10 cubic yards of dirt, hauling it all away, laying weed barrier, and mulching the whole yard.

It definitely called for a celebration, and with the temperatures high, an ice cream social was in order.

more ice cream. And so many toppings

Steve’s Ice Cream out of Brooklyn sent over 10 flavors for us to sample, including 5 really yummy dairy free ones. I am a sucker for a good vegan ice cream, as I need to go easy on the dairy, (it’s a love hate relationship…) so I was happy to discover how good they tasted. The honey pistachio especially…

Friends brought over fun toppings, fancy Pinkerton Caramel Corn, Alma Chocolate salted caramel sauce which I literally want to spoon into my mouth, or just eat the entire jar…

summer perfection in a quilted dress I thrifted in Topanga

my love at the grill

Adam manned the grill and piled it high with asparagus, fancy hotdogs, onions, zucchini from a friends yard and romaine hearts.

summer is for veggies

mother son matching camilla tattoos

My friend Sarah brought the muscle and the heart. I interned for her in my 20’s because I wanted to learn how to make chocolate. She was such an inspiration to me when I wasn’t sure where my business was going. Her daughter works for her at Alma, and her son, pictured here, is heading off to college. They got matching tattoos in honor of it. So sweet. It just made me squeal in joy.

The spread of Steve’s Ice Cream and Alma caramel sauce


I love inviting a mix of people. This party was such a meeting of many roads of my life. Old friends, newer friends, people I am acquainted with and want to know better. I loved looking around and seeing everyone talking together, and learning that others already know each other was the best part!

Our dads

My dad even came to the party! He had a stroke in 2006, and had never been to our house. It was such a big deal that he came out to celebrate summer with all of us. It was also perfect that Adam’s dad was there too. They talked about gemstones, Green Valley, Arizona (where I was born and my dad used to own a jewelry store, and where Adam’s folks live now) and probably how much they love us…:)

cutie in her patterned pants

so many tasty savory things

I picked up some of my FAVORITE spanakopita from World Foods, and I baked some salmon from the amazing salmon CSA we are a part of.

hands in the cookie jar

This one was so sassy! She dragged everyone to the front yard and made up a little dance performance on the spot.

the whole family

Even the little dogs ran free.

backyard party styles, so good to have my friends and family together. We are really all family…

a fig branch from the yard as bouquet

MMMM I loved having everyone in the yard and I hope to have more parties now that we have such a nice blank slate in the yard to host folks. Now all I want to eat is ice cream!

I hear it is National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, how are you going to celebrate it?

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