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The Dream State

Living and working in Portland for over 10 years, I have had MANY studio spaces. I had one in a little back garage off of Alberta, one at the Towne Storage building, one in a storefront at 811 East Burnside. I had space in the back studios of the beautifully curated store OKO, one in my basement, one in the tiny cabin I lived in, one in the Everett Station Lofts. For all these years, I had a list on the wall of what I wanted in a studio, and none of these ever fit the bill perfectly.

Yesterday, Adam and I got the keys for our new studio I am calling THE DREAM STATE. The building has tall ceilings, beautiful old exposed wood, big industrial west facing windows, in a great building filled with inspiring creative makers. It is close to home, has AC, and was affordable. All of these things have always been on my list, and now here we are, we have a blank slate for our creative collaborations, macrame making, Adam’s screen printing and design business, workshops, photo shoots, and so much more.

the couch matching the floor, we plan to reupholster it in custom fabric

We spent the evening planning some of the build out, and celebrating with sparkling wine.

sparkling wine to celebrate


Adam and Donut against the beautiful white wall

I can’t wait to take more photos in front of this wall!

saving the cork

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