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Summer Garden Party

This spring, now moving into summer, my neighborhood is full of flowers blooming and friends living around the corner. I was walking the dog around the block, and ran into my dear friend Allison. She invited me to a pink food party. It was also the housewarming party for this beautiful home she and 2 other creative women live in, just 2 blocks up the street from our place.

I had a busy weekend, packing my studio to move into a new bigger and better studio space, and I wasn’t sure it I should go to the party. But I am so glad I did.

Allison and Rachel in the kitchen

I figured since it was pink themed, I should also wear pink to the party. So I threw on a pink floral patterned dress, I brought a bouquet from the farmers market with as much pink in it as possible. My friend Georgia came over to have a quick catch up before walking over together to the party. She was perfectly dolled up in a beautiful pink vintage dress.

After being handed a glass of pink wine with a rose petal filled ice cube floating in it, I gave myself a tour of their colorful and beautiful home.

the good jams

sewing studio nook

Allison’s bedroom/creative zone

The food they had made was laid out on a long table in the garden. Many of the guests took the pink theme seriously, and showed up in pink splendor.

home cured gravlax

Anja’s amazing hair contrasting with all the pink

Jen and Josh, the cutest pair in pink

super sweeties Anna and Allison

It was the perfect beginning of summer. The day was hot for the 1st of June, and laughter filled the front porch as people moved into the shade. I loved every bit of the party. It felt effortless, and everyone was beautiful, kind and the vibe was easy going and mellow. It was such a thoughtful gathering. I now feel inspired to host a beautiful party in my own backyard.

One thing that was super successful about the party, besides the gorgeous and DELICIOUS food, atmosphere, and lovely people, was that the party was only from 12-2pm on a Sunday. I thought it was a short amount of time for a party, but everyone was there at the same time, and the flow of the afternoon was so lovely, everyone was in the same place at the same time. I think I will try this next time.

Thanks to Allison, Rachel, and Carlie for an amazing party.


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