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My first trip to Europe since 2003 was planned based on a cheap flight. I saw one for $750 to Copenhagen from Portland, OR, and jumped on it.

My friend Natasha lives here, in Copenhagen, and here is where I am currently sitting, with a glass of white wine, at a rustic wooden table, in a candle lit bar, surrounded by the chatter of many languages and jazz on the stereo.

In order to justify this trip, as a small business owner, I am teaching macrame workshops. I am so happy that my work allows me to travel around the globe. It is something I always dreamed of, my wily Sagittarius ways finally nearing satisfaction (this will never actually happen, as my list of places I dream of visiting grows ever longer!)… And a beautiful and drool worthy side effect of traveling to visit stylish friends across the globe, is getting to peek into their spaces.

Natasha is an incredible and self described “Idea Collector”. We have been friends for nearly 9 years (wow!) and I have always threatened to visit her. Now I am here, and I have been enjoying her hospitality, her thorough city map full of more suggestions than you could visit in a year, and her impeccable style and taste. Her and her husband’s place is filled with collected goods from around the world. Cozy sheepskins, baskets and artifacts from Bali, textiles from flea markets in France, and artwork by well known Danish artist Jens Birkemose, who they represent, fill their well decorated 4th floor flat in Norrbro overlooking the Assistens Cemetery.

My first macramé workshop on this tour was held at Natasha’s brother-in-law’s house. She had arranged the location for me, and when we entered the home the day before the workshop, my jaw dropped to the floor. I can’t even talk about how amazing it was, you just have to see for yourselves…

I love the painting without the stretcher bars. They just stapled it right to the wall…

A few months back I decided to experiment with an Instagram post to see what would happen. I took a photo of a meal I made in my kitchen back home, and mentioned that my salt jar was empty. Someone commented on the photo and said they would love to send me salt from Norway!

We DM’d and it turns out it was my incredible high school photography teacher from The Northwest Academy where I went to 1.5 years of high school in Portland. I didn’t think I gained that much from my time there as a teenager, but most teenagers will feel that way I am sure, and in retrospect it was an amazing education, and it does make me think about connections. Over 15 years since seeing her, Michal met me at the tiniest Airport in Molde, Norway to take me to the little island where her family lives and makes the most amazing sea salt.

sitting at the table in Norway

I love the green roof culture in Norway

a raw salmon lunch

Raw Norwegian salmon

Beautiful Sea salt and the ocean

Her house is filled with treasures from her life in Portland. The velvet sofa, the artwork where each piece had a story, the huge oval wooden dining table, the bright rugs. She did admit that if they ever moved she was going to take the Jotul stove with her, and I can’t blame her. We have been coveting one ourselves for our tiny house dreams…

I stayed in a guest house near the water, and we feasted on raw salmon, incredible cheese and homemade jams, fresh pesto, many glasses of wine, and conversations/inspirations for the 3 short days I was there.

My inspiration bucket was filled up with color, light, texture and more. I can’t wait to return.

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