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I am sometimes a poet, but this is not my writing, this is no lovesick scrawling, this is what you read, printed on the back of the bottle when you buy the Anchorage Brewing Company Love Buzz Saison beer. OMG.


True Collaborative Fashion showroom in Portland, brought to his table when I told him I was making Rosewater and Cardamom Pannacotta.  It was the most perfect flavor marriage. It was the kind of marriage that I dream of. Passionate, inspiring, adventurous, and yet solid, deep, balanced. It’s flavors are complex and rich, and combined with the floral Pannacotta, it really was a match made in heaven!

I tracked down my own bottles(s), at the beer shop on N. Shaver and Mississippi, and when I brought them home, I was further impressed with the attention to detail: the artwork on the metal bottle cap, the cork itself, and above all the sweet, but not saccharine, poetry that tells a story and puts you in the mood to thoroughly enjoy this farmhouse style ale.


I highly recommend you pop open a bottle of this beer at a picnic this spring or summer. It’s like a bouquet of flowers. It always puts a smile on the face of the one you love.

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