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Dinner with Anne

You know you are going to eat something delicious when Anne Parker invites you over for dinner. My lovely friend and stylist extraordinaire had been traveling for over 2 months, to Uganda, Turkey, to joining me for a special birthday CSN concert in LA, and she was eagerly awaiting having a home of her own again. It was the first time I had seen it since she moved in May.

And what a sweet home it is. Everywhere you look there are beautiful and thoughtfully curated objects from her travels, gifts from friends, and thrifted treasures.

I walked over to her house, we only live a handful of blocks away, and climbed the stairs in the vintage triplex to her lovely upstairs abode. The colors in the room are muted, neutral, and cozy. Shelves and tables she handmade with her dad line the walls and are perfectly filled with just the right amount of handmade ceramics and wooden bowls. Everything is of natural fiber. I don’t think she has any plastic in her home.  Just bright pops of green from her big happy plants, glimmers of brass, and carefully selected artwork.

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gazing through the living room into her light filled bedroom

She even has one of my favorite art books, Paintings by Georgia O’Keefe.

Anne cooking in the kitchen

Anne cooking in the kitchen

I poured a glass of chilled white wine while we caught up in the kitchen. Her pantry is like visiting a health food store. Must be because she worked in one when she was younger. Everything has it’s place and just leaning up against the sink, one can’t help but be inspired by her ease and conversation. I love the hex tile, and the marble slabs! Oh to cook in this simple yet lovely kitchen!

Anne's Pad Thai

Anne’s Pad Thai

We moved into the livingroom/dining room and ate a satisfying Pad Thai. I am allergic to nightshades and I am so grateful that she makes concessions for me by not adding Sriracha sauce, though it would have taken it to another level, I loved the bright simplicity of the meal. Next time I will ask for her recipe….

Thanks for the meal and inspiration!

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