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Cook Book Club, a New Years Resolution

I haven’t historically been wonderful at keeping my new years resolutions, but this year, considering all the traveling I will be doing with my book tour (three whole months on the road!) I really wanted to make a commitment to spending time with friends and cooking meals together.

My plan:

  1. Select a cookbook

  2. Make a guest list

  3. Choose a date

  4. Pick out a few recipes

  5. Throw a party with your favorite people!

State Bird Provisions

When I visited my publisher Ten Speed Press, this past summer to talk about my own book,  I picked up a few cookbooks, and this was one of them. The recipes from the State Bird Provisions cookbook were unique, inspired, and UMEBOSHI. Pretty much they had me at Pepita-oolong ice cream with apple-umeboshi compote. And flipping through the book I discovered a recipe for Carrot Mochi with Pickled Carrots, Carrot vinaigrette, and Pistachio Dukkah and my mouth was watering.

So Cookbook Club was born. I made a guest list and invited 30 of my friends who love to cook, drink, and appreciate food. I made a spreadsheet (this never happens!), and decided to throw a party around one cookbook four times a year.

Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz

Little did I realize that I literally chose a very complicated book for my first ever cookbook club! Every recipe had at least 3 other recipes. The Carrots had a special dressing, a delicious Dukkah, mochi gnocchi, roasted carrots. But in the end it was simple to prepare and well written. and DELICIOUS.

Photo Jan 22, 11 22 11 PM

Two days before, and only one person had let me know what they were making. I admit I was a little bit nervous. Things had been really stressful at work that week, and I emailed everyone to let them know that the true intention was to get together with friends, eat, drink, and be together.

But the day before, plans really started to come together. The spreadsheet:

Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz

Cookbook Club Spreadsheet

I began the Fermented Turnips on January 20th, and started on the Pickled Carrots, Dukkah, and Apple-Umeboshi compote that weekend. I loved pouring over the delicious recipes, the aromas, and I couldn’t wait for the party.

I have to say, I was deeply impressed by the turn out.

Cheddar whole grain pancakes with tomatoes and aioli

Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz

Stylish business owners named Jessica.

Tasting the Steak Tartare

Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz
Fried Polenta
Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz
Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz

Our epic Spread

Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz
Magic Dream Life Blog by Emily Katz

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Apple Umeboshii Compote!

Our next gathering will be in April, then September, and the final date in December.

I can’t wait to cook from the next book, eat with people I love, challenge ourselves to new flavors. Be together.

What should we cook from? Let me know your suggestions in the comments below!


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