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APRIL: Trip a Month part 1


I drove away from Portland on the 3rd of April and headed south on the I-5 to Los Angeles. My first ever Macrame tour had begun with me behind the wheel of my new car packed full of rope! I was excited and ready for adventure. This 4 week trip will come in installments, since so many things happened! Stay tuned in the next few days for more macrame, Joshua Tree, and eclipses.


For the tour, I drew and designed tote bags that each of my macrame students would receive as part of their class. They were printed by Adam at Golden Rule Design.


On the drive down, I stayed at my friend Allison’s parents incredible home in Sacramento. I slept in a yurt on their property, and her dad made me poached eggs for breakfast. Which is a pretty big deal in my book. Poached eggs are very different from fried eggs, in that they say a lot about their maker. They take so much more care and thoughtfulness. I know this care to be evident in my friend, and it was a pleasure to see it in her family as well. Their house is full of art and inspired objects. I was so inspired and felt like it was a good omen to begin my trip this way, and I hope to come back soon.


Saturday morning bright and early I set off to explore the flower market where I bought some irises, ranunculus, and a bunch of plants for my students.


My home for the month of April was a beautiful downtown loft and the home of stylist Kara Dykert. The light in the loft was so stunning, with a giant skylight, a FIREPLACE! sunset views and trees swaying outside the industrial windows. I couldn’t wait to host a gathering in this space.


I went to coffee with a friend at Handsome Coffee Roasters, and saw this amazing building on my way there. Isn’t that door stunning?Just had to take a photo!



Saturday night was extra special. My friend, Anne Parker, flew down to LA from Portland for a semi surprise belated birthday present I organized for her. We were going to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash at the Ace Hotel’s beautiful newly renovated theater. We went up to the rooftop bar of The Ace to watch the sunset and have a cocktail before the show.


Next morning we met some inspiring ladies for brunch at one of my favorite LA spots, Sqirl. I am practically a regular it seems, as I bring everyone there! I LOVE their Kokuho rice dish with sorrel pesto and preserved lemon. It has the best balance of salty, tangy, umami flavor that excites my tastebuds, plus the watermelon radishes make it look SO PRETTY.


Later that day I taught my first of many macrame plant hanger workshops for the tour, the first stop was in Malibu at Urban Outfitters. The sun was hot and I got a bit burned, but everyone had a great time!


After the class I met some friends on the beach and watched the sunset. It was the perfect end to my beginnings in LA.


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