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A few days in Oslo

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

When I think of Norway, pink walls and brightly colored buildings aren’t at the top of my mind, but when I visited the winter blanketed city in February, I was shown a warm welcome full of color and culture.

Pink and red houses on Telthusbakken

My dear friends who opened Copenhagen Street Food in Denmark were working on a a new project in Norway, and they invited me out for the opening festivities. So I booked a flight from Portland, and planned a quick week in the Nordic city.

I had visited Oslo a few years back, on a trip to see my high school photography teacher, but it was only for one night, and on a Monday. Everything seemed like it was closed, and I wandered around for hours. Then it was September and chilly but pleasant.

Curated shelves at my Airbnb.

This trip, I was grateful for my shearling boots.

I attended the opening, but honestly, with the weather so chilly, I mostly read on the sofa surrounded by candles, ate at some really great places, and went to THE WELL.

More pastel streets

The bar at Oslo Street Food designed by Dan Husted

The view of Grunerlokka from our window.

Tim Wendelboe Coffee Shop


Well, I honestly can only suggest this incredible Airbnb that I spent the week at. I think it broke my Instagram the image was reposted so many times.

Here is the link.

I am sure there are other great places, but this 4th floor Grunerlokka house really made the trip extra dreamy and inspired.

Our Dreamy Airbnb


Oslo Street Food

Dr Kneipp’s Wine Bar (had the BEST steak tartare ever)

Mathallen Oslo




Ille Brod


Torgatta Botaniske


Radegast Wine Bar



Tim Wendelboe

Supreme Roastworks


There were a bunch of places I didn’t get to go to, but out of all of the places I did visit, I can’t wait to get back to The Well.

The Well is an epic spa just outside of the city. It is so popular, that there is a private bus that stops at city bus stops to pick you up and bring you to the magic wonderland of saunas and steam rooms, and heated pools, and a delicious dining experience.

They don’t let you take any photos inside. But please, just trust me. If you are into bathing culture, spas and saunas, this place is top notch.

I am already dreaming up my next trip.

Cute old spot in the center of town.

Makes me want to paint every wall pink.

The Frama Store

I bought the most amazing hand knit sweater.

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